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Key Laser is a center of excellence in the use of cosmetic regenerative medicine to restore youthful beauty and vitality to the skin and body. Dr. Douglas Key, a board-certified dermatologist, established Key Laser in Portland, Oregon in 1998. His vision was to create a specialty practice focused exclusively on the non-invasive prevention and treatment of aging. Today, Key Laser offers the most advanced treatment options that go beyond concealing aging but instead heal aging through the body’s own natural process of regeneration. We look forward to helping you discover the possibilities of regenerative cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Douglas Key

Dr. Douglas J. Key is one of the nation’s leading innovators in the field of cosmetic laser medicine. Every day he strives to restore vitality to his patients’ appearance and more importantly, help to improve their sense of well-being and confidence.

Dr. Key has played an important role in the development of the modern field of aesthetic medicine. His published works and research have shaped laser medicine, not only in the United States, but internationally as well. In addition to his thriving Portland, Oregon practice, Dr. Key teaches at medical conferences around the world and continues to lead the development and improvement of the newest treatments, including UltherapyThermiTightThermiSmooth and NovaThreads. He is currently leading investigational trials on the latest non-invasive anti-aging procedures that will become the future of cosmetic medicine.