About Projects

Dr. Ginger Xu is a female, board-certified,  Harvard-trained plastic surgeon who has designed and built her high-touch, boutique plastic surgery practice, Ethos Plastic Surgery, in the heart of San Francisco, CA. In addition to her stellar academic background, she is a perfectionist with technical finesse, a keen eye for aesthetics, and a genuine warmth for her patients. As a highly sought-after plastic surgeon, she promotes a body-positive, California-inspired beauty concept that focuses on enhancing and honoring the individual through expertly tailored, balanced, and not overdone results.

Dr. Xu sees herself first and foremost as a doctor, someone who has mastered a comprehensive and solid foundation in medicine to fully assess each patient holistically—not just a surgical canvas. Second, she sees herself as a surgeon, who is well-versed in a range of surgical pathologies at a complex and high level, so that her reach and understanding of the gravity of each surgical patient is not only limited to cosmetic artistry. Last but not least, she sees herself as someone fortunate enough to deliver surgical science combined with an art form that demands some of the greatest precision and care in the entire field of medicine. Dr. Xu has extensive experience with a range of cosmetic procedures, including faceliftneck liftbreast liftbreast reductionliposuctionmommy makeover, and tummy tuck surgeries.


“I find the bond and relationship I develop with my patients to be the most fulfilling aspect of my work as a plastic surgeon. Being able to deliver results that exceed their expectations and bring them joy is an amazing feeling. I strive to empower my patients through thorough education and help them make the best decision for themselves.” – Dr. Xu


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