About Projects

Honesty, integrity, and customer focus are the cornerstones of Dr. Yash’s practice. Dr. Yash Avashia is a cosmetic surgeon providing a wide range of facial plastic surgerybreast surgerybody contouring, and nonsurgical treatments to men and women in the Dallas, Texas area. He listens carefully to understand your story and only recommends the procedures and treatments that will most effectively and safely help achieve your goals.

Dr. Yash has a deep aesthetic knowledge of the wide range of human faces and bodies and the variety of ways features can be enhanced and balanced. He approaches each procedure in a highly customized way, always striving for subtle, natural-looking results that enhance your innate beauty.

Dr. Yash masterfully conducts a number of cosmetic surgical procedures including his specialties of rhinoplastyfaceliftsblepharoplastybreast lifts (mastopexy), and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), non-surgical treatments, and more.

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