About Projects

Faces, PLLC was founded in 1998 by Dr. J. George Smith and years later, Faces has grown into one of the top facial plastic surgery centers in the state of Mississippi. Gaining a talented staff including Dr. Randall Jordan and Jennifer Ravenstein, NP, Faces was ready to take their practice to the next level by moving into a brand new building and partnering with Aesthetic Brand Marketing.

Faces had a vision for a new website and ABM was eager to get started. With the site, they wanted to capture their practice’s history with its popular teal accent color and iconic italic logo. Content-wise, the Faces site captures an extensive list of procedures offered, including facialnasaleyenon-surgical, and skin care services. Faces, PLLC’s new office is beautiful, and ABM is proud to have built a fantastic new site that will attract patients from all over the state for years to come.