Branding Identity Packages

Of critical importance is the brand you establish for your practice in the local area. The most well built website and marketing efforts aimed at a less than stellar brand identity will produce just that… less than stellar results. Let ABM help you create a strong brand identity that will emotionally connect with your ideal patient type.

What is a Brand?

The word brand refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response a potential patient has when they come in contact with any of your marketing materials. It should convey meaning and clearly represent something in their mind each and every time they are exposed to the brand. Branding can be a very powerful thing once you clearly define your local market, competition, identify holes in the marketplace and then decide where you want to position yourself to fill this void. Once those steps are accomplished you will “own” that space in your local market. Anytime anyone wants to achieve whatever it is that your brand promises you’ll be the only natural selection.

As an example, you may want your brand to portray you and your practice as a tool to ‘look and feel young again’, but how do you do it?

If you simply branded everything “Dr. Bob Smith’s Plastic Surgery Practice” you most likely wouldn’t be sending the correct message & emotional signals that someone who wants to ‘look and feel young again’ would identify with. If your logo was simply your name, medical credentials in a hard stylized font, it would send the wrong signals to that particular person. When you send the wrong brand signals you leave your ideal patient type open to be influenced by another doctor’s brand that may meet their needs better.

Branding Devices

There are many components that go into creating a brand. Not all of them are necessary when you first start out and you can certainly add additional branding elements to your practice over time. The items below are some of the most common brand elements;

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Business card design
  • Stationary design (letterhead, envelope)
  • Print advertisements

Once established, a powerful brand will position you as the clear choice for whatever you establish as your brand promise. If you want to capture a specific segment of your local market – create a strong brand that speaks to that segment and you’ll be the only game in town.

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