ABM offers cutting edge internet products to keep your medical practice in the forefront of your competition. We develop software and applications to make your web marketing more effective.

ABM Follow UP! – Medical Website Contact Management System

  • Imagine knowing what marketing efforts actually produced leads and inquiries through your website?
  • Imagine being able to eliminate waste from your marketing budget?


With ABM Follow UP, our contact management system, you can now track the ROI from all of your online marketing campaigns. Quickly view, sort and reply to your inquiries from our smart and informative interface. Database and store your leads within our secure environment. Review the contacts over time and relate them to the marketing source that originated them.

You’ll never go back to any other way of receiving contacts through your website.

Photo Gallery Press – SEO Photo Gallery Manager For Medical Practices

You need to be able to quickly add before and after photos to your website as well as properly describe the surgery or treatment that was done. It’s also important that you protect your intellectual property by watermarking the photo and associating it with your practice.


Photo Gallery Press does that and more.

If you have patient consent we can even:

  • Syndicate the before and after to various photo sharing websites
  • Push it to Google image search and leverage it to the fullest for SEO benefit

Our photo gallery manager, once installed and used will drive highly relevant traffic to your website.

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Enterprise SEO Platform – Custom Analytics Filters

The most powerful aspect of the web is the ability that we have to track everything. We can tell who views your website, how long they were there, how they found your site, how many times your ad was displayed online, what keywords are generating leads, etc, etc…


With the proper tools you can improve the performance of your website over time.

But, it can get complicated sorting through it all while trying to figure out what metrics are important and which aren’t. We’ll set you up with our analytics and statistics suite that will give you the information you need to make your campaign a success.

Every keyword, email message, etc… will have unique identifying code embedded that will let us see what is working and what is not working. Based on this information we can continue to improve your campaign over time to reduce your ad spending and increase your ROI.

We have the ability to track visitors from all referrerals, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks (ie. Google Adwords), email marketing and even digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

Based on your desired level of reporting we will send you spreadsheets detailing the activity that is happening on your website.

Why Google Analytics is not enough

Google Analytics by default or “out-of-the-box” is accepted as a ‘good’ solution for medical practice analytics. Google collects a considerable amount of data, but they do not display it in a meaningful way for medical practices looking to get the most out of their SEO campaigns.

You want to improve conversion rates, properly determine your ROI across many marketing channels (both online and off). To do this you need to define your specific business needs and key performance indicators (KPI’s) and tell Google Analytics how to best track them. Controlling the data collection process is essential to being able to depend on the data display to make business decisions.

ABM is truly a leader in medical website analytics. Our partnership with Google through a developer API enables us to build a custom Analytics application powered by Google that serves the medical marketing space.

Our enterprise platform utilizes Google’s considerable data to help you determine the best strategy and make the most educated decisions about your marketing. Leverage our resources and expertise to make the most educated business decisions about your medical marketing.

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