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About Projects

Dr. Ryan Stanton sculpts your middle, boosts your breasts, enhances your hips, and makes your backside pop to achieve the sensual, hourglass figure of your dreams. Performing hundreds of buttock and hip (dip) augmentations with implants along with 360° liposuction body contouring, breast augmentation, and various other body sculpting nip and tucks yearly, Dr. Stanton aims for not just celebrity-level results, but realistic best results for each individual patient.

Frustrated with the limited choices available to men, women, and transgender patients seeking ample curves and/or fit physiques, Dr. Stanton devoted years to perfecting the Stanton Anatomic Gluteal Implant, a true anatomically form-fitting buttock implant that is a relatively safe, reliable, and a relatively permanent solution to buttock augmentation surgery when contrasted with fat transfer (a.k.a. Brazilian Butt Lift, “BBL”). The patented, FDA-approved Stanton Anatomic Implant, along with Dr. Stanton’s artistic approach to shaping exquisite backsides, has earned him the nickname, “The Butt King.”

While Dr. Stanton enjoys a reputation as one of Los Angeles’ best buttocks enhancement surgeons, he balances the beautiful backsides he creates with voluptuous breasts, curvaceous hips and taut tummies. His achievements never distract him from putting patient care and safety center-stage, however. He loves witnessing the elevated boost in self-confidence, mood and outlook patients display after the physical transition is complete.  This is especially true of late with the fast-growing population of transgender patients finally having equal opportunity and confidence to explore these surgical options.

Dr. Stanton is experienced performing aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries from head to toe, although he is best known for his work in buttock and hip enhancement. His top requested and performed procedures include: