Your Cosmetic Dental Practice at the Top

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We understand exactly what it takes to market your cosmetic dental practice on the web.  It starts with the website that your potential patients see (or don’t see) when they conduct a search online.

Often times when we work with cosmetic dentists we’ll hear things like, “I think my website looks pretty good” or, “I just want to be optimized.” While both statements may be true, it’s absolutely vital that your website do a few key things in order to increase your practice patient volume.

What Your Cosmetic Dentistry Website Must Do

Your practice site must credential you as the premier cosmetic dentist in the local area while offering unique, informative content to the visitor.  The content should engage them and encourage them to submit their contact info and/or call your office.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Websites Don’t Rank Well in Search Engines

If you aren’t ranking well, often times its a combination of 2 aspects;

  1. The way the website is built (even if it “looks good” it could still be holding you back).
  2. Lack of visibility across the internet.

To dominate your area and generate new patients you’ll need to correct both.  We’ve been improving cosmetic dentists bottom line for years by increasing patient volume  from the internet.

If you’re in need of a new patient generation source, one where you actually get results- give us a call.