Women in Aesthetics: Celebrating our Female Clients

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It might surprise you to learn that plastic surgery is relatively new as a major recognized medical specialty. In fact, the American Board of Plastic Surgery has only been certifying plastic surgeons since 1937. To put that into perspective, the American Medical Association is nearly 100 years older than modern plastic surgery. In its brief history, however, the field has witnessed immense changes in technology, science, and benefits. In many ways, you might compare the rapid leaps in computing power to the capabilities plastic surgeons have developed in just about the same amount of time. Yesterday’s science fiction continues to become reality for many alive today, which is especially true for plastic surgery.

Cosmetic plastic surgery and many aesthetic procedures are one of the fastest growing areas of medicine, and female plastic surgeons are one of the forces driving it. According to a recent survey, nine out of every ten patients who walks into a cosmetic plastic surgery practice is a woman, but historically most plastic surgeons have been male. That’s beginning to change.

Factors such as gender bias and predominately male mentorship contributed to a slow entry of women into plastic surgery, but more and more female plastic surgeons are bringing their skills and expertise to work every year in practices across the country. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a handful of our clients who are women and, frankly, amazing. Their accomplishments and contributions humble us at ABM, and we’re honored to be their top choice for plastic surgery marketing services.

Meet Dr. Amy Alderman of North Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Dr. Amy Alderman has gone to great lengths to make a consultation in her Atlanta plastic surgery office feel like meeting with an old friend. She’s a leader in the field, and patient care is the name of her game. Dr. Alderman says she knew her calling was medicine at the age of 12. After job shadowing her friend’s father at 16 who was a plastic surgeon, the next steps were clear.  As a student, she earned many accolades, including graduating summa cum laude as an undergrad and valedictorian of her class in medical school. As a practicing doctor and educator, she’s been recognized for significant achievements in plastic surgery research and safety.

Much of Dr. Alderman’s focus has been on cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. She’s pushed the boundaries of knowledge on the procedure throughout her career and delivered hundreds of lectures on various aspects of breast surgery. Her constant drive to be a leader in the field is literally shaping the future of plastic surgery, which is exciting to watch from our seats at ABM.

When we created her online marketing plan, we wanted to make sure her website redesign reflected everything that makes her practice unique. Our close collaboration with Dr. Alderman brought her website to life and showed the power of having a personalized branding strategy.

Meet Dr. Mary Gingrass and Dr. Melinda Haws of the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a huge step for most men and women. Initial consultations are often rife with tension and anxiety, but not if you’ve walked into the office  of Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws. These two women, who have both been awarded the prestigious RealSelf 500 award, are incredible surgeons who inspire your confidence and stoke your imagination within seconds of meeting them.

Dr. Mary Gingrass has honed her skills in cosmetic and breast enhancement surgery over many years of clinical practice. We’ve loved to see her actions play out while she’s served on the board of the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition and as an active participant in many legislative efforts to improve women’s health care.

Dr. Melinda Haws is the other surgical half of the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. An accomplished surgeon and educator, Dr. Haws has spent much of her study and practice on breast enhancement and body contouring. One of the things she loves about practicing plastic surgery is helping moms “get their bodies back” after pregnancy. She’s also passionate about advancing breast reconstruction results for breast cancer survivors.

Their Nashville-based practice has also become well known for their frequent events and specials. When it came to their website design and marketing strategy, the ABM team knew we had to put this very important element of their practice at the forefront. Through our close partnership, we created a sleek website that reflects their modern aesthetic practice, and we developed an ongoing marketing plan to support their active calendar of events.

Meet Shelly R. Montante, MSN, LNP of Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

A board-certified nurse practitioner with more than a decade of nursing experience in surgical environments, Shelly Montante began her career in beauty as a model. Before she gained expertise in robotics and plastic surgery as a nurse, she spent years on the runway in New York and Europe.

Experiences with her grandmother and Patrick, her son who was born with Down syndrome, drove her to pursue a career in nursing after returning to the U.S. She’s trained hard to become a Registered Nurse First Assistant, and she’s certified to deliver injectables with the highest safety standards at her Richmond, VA office. She works alongside and juggles the responsibilities of seven children with her husband, Dr. Steve Montante.

When Shelly and Steve Montante approached ABM for their website design, they wanted to create symmetry between the surgical and non-surgical elements of their practice, while also bringing a modern, feminine feel to their brand. Their willingness to actively engage at every step in the process allowed us to carry out their vision and create a brand that reflects the values of their cutting-edge practice.

Inspiration Makes Us Love What We Do at Aesthetic Brand Marketing!

We have to admit, it can be pretty inspiring to work with some of the brilliant minds who ask us for help shaping their brand and online presence. Plastic surgery marketing allows our team at ABM to have courtside seats to some amazing advancements in medical science. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to recognize and work with these devoted women behind some of those advancements.

If you’re looking for a marketing team that’s as excited as you are about helping people discover the life-changing benefits of plastic surgery, we’d love to talk to you about amplifying your message. Contact us for a consultation and ask about our website, online visibility, and branding services.