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It’s 10 times easier to sell to a customer than it is to a ‘prospect.’ So why do most medical practices not properly communicate with their patients?

Email marketing is 1 of the most cost effective and innovative ways to stay in touch with people who have already done business with you, or at the very least expressed an interest in doing business with you.

Most of your patients would LOVE to hear about any special promotions you have, or even catch you getting interviewed on the local news IF they knew about it!  By building an email database, and staying in touch with them it can be as easy as sending out an email when you hold a special event and you’ll be turning away people trying to make appointments!

Our marketing department will help you develop an email marketing/e-newsletter campaign grounded in direct response principles.

We will show you what works in email. From what to say, what to offer, frequency of contact, legalities, metrics, etc…  If you’re not staying in touch with your customers via email give us a call and we’ll get you started.