Blog Marketing For Plastic Surgery Practices

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Time and time again we are asked if blogs are a good way to market a plastic surgery practice, and our answer is always a resounding, “maybe” !   Yes, we know not a very definitive answer, but an honest one.

The thing is, maintaining a blog for your plastic surgery practice is a great idea IF you can update it with regular, informative content that is useful for those visiting your website.  If you don’t have the time and/or resources to maintain the blog (which means update it regularly with unique/informative content) then blog marketing may not be the best marketing choice for your practice.

When Blog Marketing is Not For a Plastic Surgery Practice

As I touched on above, blog marketing for your practice may not be appropriate if you’re not willing to allocate the time or resources to do it properly.  To do it properly, your practice (notice I did  not say “you”)  needs to be creating unique blog content relevant to the surgery’s and procedures you perform on a regular basis.  For example, you need to regularly churn out content around topics such as:

  • Rhinoplasty side effects, recovery time, and scarring.
  • Dermal fillers, cost and side effects.
  • Facelifts, and what patients need to know.
  • Etc, etc….

As indicated above, as the practice doctor, you don’t have to “physically” spend the time creating the content and answering questions.  You can simply hire a medical copywriting firm that can produce accurate, relevant information that pertains to the service offerings of your practice.   This way you can benefit from the enourmous search engine optimization benefits of a blog without all of the time and effort.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now,  on the internet, unique content is what attracts search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, as well as other internet applications.  So it’s absolutely critical that you create unique content that describes the services that your practice offers (procedures and surgeries).

Blog Marketing For Busy Plastic Surgeons

Ok, summing up what we’ve discussed already.  Blog marketing is a very effective marketing tool for plastic surgery practices if you can devote the time and resources to do so.  In most cases, you simply don’ t have the time to devote to putting your brilliant thoughts into print regarding your practice procedures.  In that case, it’s best to retain  a company such as Aesthetic Brand Marketing to develop unique, informative, accurate information around what you do as a plastic surgeon in your specific geographic area.

This is how you can continue to grow and market your practice on the web!  If you have any questions or simply want to discuss how blog marketing can work for your plastic surgery practice please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free/no obligation conversation.