What is Adwords Retargeting? (and why you should give it a try)

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You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out and appeal to website visitors that have come and gone. Using Adwords retargeting can give your practice the tools you need to target former website visitors, transforming curiosity into patients. Don’t let these previous website visitors fall through the cracks and get lost forever. Build up your practice with this valuable marketing tool. Are you using Adwords retargeting? If not, today’s the perfect time to start.

What Is Adwords Retargeting?

Adwords retargeting (also called remarketing) is a feature that allows you to create specialized advertising campaigns directed at those that have previously visited your website. It allows you to show relevant advertising in Google search engine results and across the web. This feature gives you an extra opportunity to reach out to potential patients, helping them to remember your practice and return to your website. It transforms one time visits into repeat visits and helps you to sell products, book appointments and spread your practice philosophy.

Retargeting is especially useful in appealing to website visitors that came to your site and left without making contact. It can help redirect their attention to your practice, bringing them back to your site to purchase product, further research options or book an appointment. With so much competition online, it is common for potential patients to look at the websites for many cosmetic practices before booking an appointment; with retargeting you ensure that they remember you when it comes time to book that procedure.

How Can Adwords Retargeting Help Your Practice?

Getting potential patients to come to your website for the first time can be difficult. It often requires great content and a strong SEO strategy. Make sure their first visit isn’t their only visit. Adwords retargeting can help your practice by:

  • Increasing Click Through and Conversion Rate– In pilot tests for the program Google noted that one retailer saw click through rates double and conversion rates increase 5x. What could this do for your business?
  • Create Custom Campaigns for Different Types of Patients – Different people are looking for different things when they visit your website. Adwords retargeting allows you to reach out to different kinds of patients. You can create different ads for those that simply visited your site as well as those that have previously purchased and looked at specific product offerings.
  • Show Relevant Advertising– You can use remarketing to showcase relevant advertising to those that have visited different pages on your site. For example you can show liposuction ads to those that are interested in liposuction. Showing ads that appeal to what a potential client is interested in will increase the success of your campaign.
  • Reach Out to Those Interested in Your Business– Let’s face it, not every person is interested in cosmetic surgery. You aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of potential patients for your practice. By reaching out to those that have shown interest in your company, you target your advertising. Instead of hoping to find those that are interested from the masses, you appeal to those that you know already are interested.

If you’re thinking that Adwords retargeting seems like a great way to increase your bottom line, you’d be right, but it can do much more. It keeps your practice in the mind of potential patients, helping you to make the world more beautiful (and after all isn’t that way you got started in aesthetic medicine in the first place?). Remarketing can also build your website following, helping you to establish yourself as an industry expert and ensuring that your quality website content is seen, read, and enjoyed. Sure, it is a good way to earn more money, but it also helps you to educate and inform patients while getting your website the attention it deserves.

What Results Can I Expect?

Do you want to see the benefits that Adwords retargeting can bring to your business? Give it a try and find out. But, first make sure you have the tools you need to fully analyze its effects. Our custom analytics filters can help you to really see the results of any campaign, including an Adwords remarketing one. We can track visitors and see where they came from and what they did while on your website. Forget the generic and hard to read reports from Google Analytics, we provide you with information you can actually use to see what tools are successful so you can continuously improve your website and use the internet to its fullest potential.

What new patients are waiting for you? Use Adwords retargeting to find them!