Online Visibility

Once you have an effective medical website in place it’s now time to promote your site across the internet.  Without promotional efforts no one will see your newly built website no matter how great the design or on-page optimization is.

Online Visibility is More Than Just SEO

In the past to win the internet game you focused on ranking highly for the few keywords that represented the services/procedures that you offered.  In other words online visibility was basically focusing on SEO for Google, but oh how times have changed!  Google’s army of brilliantly smart engineers and their fanatical obsession with improving their algorithm makes it impossible to rely on keyword rankings as your sole online strategy.  The search results pages have valuable paid placements (besides just organic listings) as well as local/map listings coupled with the fact that social media has become an absolute necessity.  Online visibility is about so much more than search engine optimization in today’s internet landscape.  You have to focus on many different places where your potential patients hang out.

ABM Delivers Online Visibility For Your Aesthetic Practice

ABM offers a wide range of internet marketing solutions aimed at bringing highly targeted traffic to your practice website.  Learn more about the options you have to drive traffic for your practice;

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