Medical Spa Website Design and Marketing

Med Spa websites must be designed in such a way to ensure internet visitors that the Med Spa is professional, clean, and luxurious (depending on your level of service offerings).

The website must do that while also credentialing the doctor who runs the medical spa. This is very important because most of the decision-making process for people assessing Med Spas online has to do with the “perceived” level of proficiency of the medical practice (mostly through the managing physician).

This complex balance must be struck concurrently while having the site designed with proper on-page SEO optimization techniques for the major search engines… namely, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Below, We Highlight Three Med Spa Website Design Projects:

Keys Med Spa

Keys Med Spa in Key West, Florida, wanted a compelling website design that reflected a warm and inviting South Florida aesthetic.

Dr. Peterson and his team offer some of the very best non-invasive cosmetic treatment options for patients seeking to maintain their youthful glow, including CoolSculpting®, Botox®, microneedling, injectables, skin treatments, and many more.

The Med Spa website offers consumers an excellent resource on these treatments. The boutique website reflects their boutique practice which offers personalized treatments and customized care.

  • User-friendly Navigation – Keys Med Spa’s navigation system is user-friendly and intuitive. A first-time visitor can easily find the information they need.
  • Structured and Organized – The website conveniently organizes links under headings and subheadings. This structure allows the user to move around the site faster and easier.
  • Simple, Clear, and Distinct – Navigating Keys Med Spa’s website is an overall positive experience due to its simplicity and clarity.
  • Mobile Responsive – Today, consumers access websites through a wide range of devices. Keys Med Spa’s navigation functions uniformly across all platforms, adjusting well to different screen sizes while maintaining a similar structure.

Visit Keys Med Spa Website

Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics

Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics offers a wide variety of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments for the face and body. Each treatment intends to meet the needs of women and men who want to improve not only the quality of their skin and the shape of their body but also their complete well-being.

Allure’s website captures this vision by offering a warm and inviting aesthetic to showcase various treatments from fat loss to tightening loose skin to rejuvenating sexual health. Their physician-owned and operated Med Spa partners with patients to help them look, feel, and be their very best.

Allure Anti-Aging & Aesthetics takes a unique approach to all facets of health and wellness using innovative, minimally invasive solutions and personalized care plans.

In their website, they wanted:

  • Prominent call-to-actions taking users directly to the information that interests them
  • A clean layout that is well-formatted, organized, and uncluttered
  • Content that delivers their message quickly
  • To introduce their visitors to their products and services
  • A site that engages its visitors
  • To entertain the target audience
  • To give the Med Spa a personality
  • To encourage regular visits and returns to the site
  • A strengthened bond with their visitors

Visit Allure's Website

Desert Med Aesthetics

Dr. Doriana Cosgrove’s legacy website for Desert Med Aesthetics required an update to align it with modern website design constructs and help patients understand what they can expect at her medical spa: an upscale, luxurious experience with the best in non-surgical or minimally-invasive full-body rejuvenation treatments.

Desert Med Aesthetics offers cutting-edge aesthetic procedures that patients cannot find elsewhere in their area. These include CoolSculpting and the non-surgical facelift: NovaThreads; in fact, Dr. Cosgrove’s office is the only provider of this treatment for many miles in their area. The new Desert Med Aesthetics website communicates this level of sophistication and exclusive therapies with a sleek, modern design. As a long-standing client of ABM’s, our team was thrilled to give the Desert Med Aesthetic website a completely new and fresh look.

One of the primary functions of a business website is to convert visitors into high-quality leads that ultimately become paying customers. In this respect, the website absolutely delivered.

Some of the important content and information that the website includes are:

  • Intuitive Menu of Services: A brief and well-structured overview of the services offered
  • Special Offers: Effective landing pages which describe treatment details as well as special offers
  • Social Proof: Recognition of good work in the form of reviews, testimonials, media features, and awards
  • Custom Content Creation: Blog posts, videos, and infographics, which offer valuable and relevant information concerning topics of interest to the target customers

Visit Desert Med Aesthetics Website

Medical Spa Website Design and Marketing Final Thoughts:

A well-designed, visually appealing, responsive, and optimized website is imperative for the growth of a Med Spa practice. It is a powerful marketing tool that will deliver on business objectives.

Effective website designs engage and encourage visitors to take an intended course of action. These featured websites excel at these and other critical aspects of medical spa website design.

Interested in learning more about what we can do for you? We invite you to contact us to schedule your complimentary website assessment.

FAQS on MedSpa Website Design:

How will a website help my medical practice?

Studies have shown that consumers research their medical condition and treatment on the internet before deciding which medical practice they choose. Creating a well-designed Med Spa website with great content will give you a strong chance to be positioned where consumers are searching.

I have a website for my medical practice, but it is not appearing on search engines. Can your search engine optimization services help?

We recommend doing a complete evaluation to determine why your Med Spa Website is underperforming. To schedule a complimentary website assessment, contact us here.

My medical spa practice website needs a facelift. Can you bring life to it?

Yes. Please review our latest Med Spa design projects to see examples of our work.

Do you offer website maintenance once the site is complete?

Yes. We also offer SEO and email marketing.

I have a website design already in mind. Can you create the new site to match what I am thinking?

Yes, we will have you complete a design questionnaire and then interview you. We invite you to schedule a call to learn about our process.

Who provides the content for my medical practice website?

We have medical writers that will interview you to write custom content in the voice and style that matches your brand

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